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Bad Cat Amplifiers and Ampete Engineering Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Sound Control in the Music Industry

[Costa Mesa, CA, 01/27/2024] – Bad Cat Amplifiers, renowned for its high-performance amplifiers, and Ampete Engineering, a pioneer in tube amp and speaker cabinet switching solutions, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at transforming the music industry’s landscape. As part of this collaboration, Bad Cat Amplifiers will take on the manufacturing and global distribution of Ampete’s cutting-edge amplifier switcher products, catering to professional studios and musicians worldwide.

To mark the commencement of this partnership, Ampete Engineering is proud to introduce its latest innovation, the Ampete Engineering 442 Amp Switcher. Representing a paradigm shift in sound control technology, the 442 offers unparalleled flexibility in amplifier, effects loop, and speaker cabinet switching within a single rack space.

The Ampete Engineering 442 is the first of its kind, boasting features such as mono, dual mono, true stereo, wet/dry/wet operation, and WIFI connectivity, all monitored via an integrated TFT Screen and controllable either natively or remotely. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an avid amp collector, a studio engineer, or a tone enthusiast, the 442 delivers unmatched performance in a safe, noise-free, and reliable package designed perfectly for your rig.

  • Key Features of the Ampete Engineering 442 Include:
  • – Seamless Amplifier and Cabinet Selection
  • – Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Intuitive Control
  • – Operation Modes: Mono, Stereo, Rig, and Dual Cab
  • – Compatibility with TouchOSC for Music Gear Control
  • – Wireless Control via WiFi for Remote Operation

With its sleek dimensions (Width: 438mm, Height: 44mm, Depth: 143mm), lightweight design (2.3kg), and universal operation from 80v to 260v, the Ampete Engineering 442 sets a new standard for precision sound control.

I am so excited to unite Ampete Engineering and Bad Cat Amplifiers and cannot wait to finally release several new innovations both brands have been preparing for this year,” said Peter Arends, CEO at Bad Cat Amplifiers. “The Ampete Engineering 442 represents a fusion of innovation and quality craftsmanship, aligning perfectly with Bad Cat’s commitment to excellence in sound.

The Ampete Engineering 442 will be available in early Spring 2024, offering musicians and studio professionals the opportunity to elevate their performances and simplify their setups like never before. Upgrade to the 442 – Where Precision Meets Performance.

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About Bad Cat Amplifiers:

Bad Cat Amplifiers is a boutique guitar amplifier company based in Costa Mesa, California where each amp is designed, assembled and inspected by hand.

About Ampete Engineering:

Ampete is an industry-leading manufacturer of amplifier switchers used by audio professionals world-wide.

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