4×4 Amplifier and Cabinet Switching System with FX Loop and MIDI

The Ampete 444 switches four amplifiers into four speaker cabinets. It is easily operated via illuminated buttons on the front panel or MIDI.
Switch your amplifiers to your cabinets in any combination without any sound degradation, switching noise or hum.
Connect your favourite effect pedals to the 444 FX Loop and have them automatically switched into the FX loop of the selected amp.
The 444 features a unique set of safety functions to avoid any damage to your amps.



  • four amplifiers selectable, four cabinets selectable (up to two at once)
  • Integrated FX Loop switcher with true bypass
  • NO sound degradation, switching noise, hum noise or latency
  • 100% safety guarantee for your amplifiers: checks for connected or damaged cabinets / only one amp at a time selectable / unused amplifiers are switched to a load resistor
  • line out to drive separate power amps
  • buffered and unbuffered inputs
  • feed thru jacks for easy wiring in the rack
  • intuitive handling and programming via the frontpanel LED buttons
  • MIDI programmable (PC und CC)
  • Dimensions: 19’/2 rack units
  • Made in Germany

Users: Dave Friedman (Friedman Amplification), John Shanks, ENGL, Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah), Keith Urban, Revv Amps