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8-way FX loops switcher with MIDI for the 88S system

The 8FX is designed to add FX loops switching functionality to the 88S AMPLIFIER & CABINET SWITCHING SYSTEM.
And it’s as simple as it sounds. If your setup includes more than four amps, you will rather choose an 88S-STUDIO over a 444 – but what about your effects rig, you might think?
Well, the 8FX is the solution! It turns your 88S-STUDIO into a 444 for 8 amplifiers and 8 cabinets, an 888 if you like.


  • 8 switchable FX loops enhance an existing 88S or 88S-STUDIO system
  • double RJ45 connector to easily integrate into an 88S or 88S-STUDIO system
  • true bypass relay based switching through the complete signal chain
  • midi program change or control change to switch your entire 88S / 88S-STUDIO system
  • 99 midi pc presets
  • ground lift switch
  • no switching noises
  • no switching latency
  • expandable to easily grow together with your 88S / 88S-STUDIO system
  • Dimensions: 19’/1 rack units
  • Made in Germany