Remote for 88S / 88S-STUDIO switching systems

The Ampete 88R is the remote control for our switching systems. It lets you control your complete system of daisy-chained 88S or 88S-STUDIO switchers from one point of the room.


  • Three double seven-segment displays show selected amp and cabinets
  • Numeric keypad
  • Select key for Amp1, Cab1, Cab2
  • ALL OFF switch
  • A/B switch
  • Footswitch jack for A/B function (standard tip to ground, latching)
  • MIDI In / MIDI Thru
  • Powered from 88S or 88S-STUDIO via Cat5 cable
  • Made in Germany

Users: Friedman Amplification, Musik-Produktiv, Musik Meisinger, Bax-Shop, Two Notes Audio Engineering, Henning Pauly


88S-88R-QuickStartGuide-Deutsch-Feb2016 (German)
Ampete-88System-Manual-May2019 (88R serial numbers ending with 027 and above)