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Introducing the Ampete Engineering 442 Amp Switcher – the Power of Precision Sound Control.


The Ampete Engineering 442 is the first of a new generation of switchers. Offering unparalleled amplifier, effects loop and speaker cabinet switching flexibility in a single rack space. 442 features mono, dual mono, true stereo, wet/dry/wet operation, and WIFI connectivity, all monitored on a brand new integrated TFT Screen and controlled either natively or remotely. Whether you’re a professional musician, amp collector, studio engineer, or just a tone enthusiast, the 442 delivers unparalleled performance in a safe, noise-free, reliable package perfect for your rig.

Key Features:

Seamless Amplifier and Cabinet Selection:

Easily toggle between up to four instrument amplifiers and two speaker cabinets, all while ensuring the highest standards in sound quality. The 442 guarantees a total absence of any switching or hum noise, providing a pristine audio experience.

Graphical User Interface (GUI):

The intuitive GUI offers a comprehensive overview of your setup. Monitor system and device statuses, select presets, and navigate through modes effortlessly. The GUI simplifies complex configurations, making sound management a breeze.

Operation Modes:

Mono Mode: Configure the 442 as a 4-amps, 4-fx loops, 2-cabinets switcher for versatile mono setups.

Stereo Mode: Switch to dual 2-amps, 2-fx loops, 1-cabinet mode for dynamic stereo experiences.

Rig Mode: Beside Stereo Mode, the 442 can handle each connected amplifier in a splitting or switching manner. It effortlessly integrates combo amplifiers or additional effect rigs into your setup with customizable configurations. W/D/W rigs can be realized in this mode.

Dual Cab Mode:

Enhance your flexibility by enabling Dual Cab Mode, allowing you to select two cabinets in parallel for a richer sonic experience.

Compatibility with Open Sound Control (OSC)

An open standard for music gear control

Wireless Control via WiFi:

Connect the 442 to your WiFi network using the user-friendly “Esptouch” app and control all switching, do firmware updates, and monitor the system remotely for ultimate convenience.

With the Ampete Engineering 442; enhance your performance, simplify your setup, and experience a new level of control over your sound landscape. Upgrade to the 442 – Where Precision Meets Performance.

Technical Specifications:


  • Width: 438mm (17.25”)
  • Height: 44mm (1.75”)
  • Depth: 143mm (5.63”)
  • Front Panel width: 482mm (19”)
  • Weight: 2.3kg (5 lbs)
  • Power Consumption: 5W max
  • Universal Operation from 80v to 260v