John Browne (88S-STUDIO, 88R)

It’s an absolute vital piece of gear for every studio in the world

John Browne

Dave Friedman (444/88S)

This is the coolest thing I EVER saw!

Fredrik Thordendal (444, 4x 88S-STUDIO)

It’s an absolutely amazing unit!

Fredrik Thordendal

Shawn Tubbs (88S-STUDIO)

This thing is a work flow game changer! Switch between 8 amplifiers and 8 cabinets with zero tone loss!

Shawn Tubbs
Carrie Underwood

Justin Derrico (444)

I love the switcher it is seriously one of my favorite praises of gear

Justin Derrico

Henning Pauly (88S-STUDIO/88S/88R)

This is the best way to compare amps I have ever seen! Complete fucking game changer!
For a studio this is THE shit!

Sphere Studios (88S-STUDIO/88R)

Keith Urban (444)

Keith Urban

Adrian Smith (222)

Adrian Smith
Iron Maiden

Markus Deml (TWO)

Markus Deml
The Blue Poets

Matthias Simoner (ONE)

Matthias Simoner
Christina Stürmer

David Schumann (ONE)

Mega nicer Sound, unendliche Möglichkeiten. Setzt sich wunderbar durch und klingt dabei vollkommen aufgeräumt

David Schmumann

Christian Schlossarek (444)

Great tool, gonna use it to compare the different design stages for new amplifiers!

Christian Schlossarek

Neil Schon (444)

Neil Schon

Ryan “Fluff” Bruce (ONE)

The clarity in this amp is RARE!
This is a damn good amp, I really, really love it!

Ryan "Fluff" Bruce

Saltatio Mortis (2x 222)



Orange Amps shop display by Trius Music with 88S-STUDIO

Recording Studio of Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah) (4x 88S-STUDIO)

Foto 27.09.12, 10 17 40

Musik Produktiv Guitar Show Room (88S/88R System for 72 Amps/Cabs)

Musik Produktiv Bass Show Room (88S/88R System for 48 Amps/Cabs)


Musik Meisinger Show Room (88S/88R System for 56 Amps/Cabs)

Friedman Demo Rack (2x 88S-STUDIO, 1x 88R)

Guitar Summit 2017 (88S-STUDIO/88S/88R System for 64 Amps/Cabs)

Two Notes Audio Engineering Booth NAMM2018 (444)

Two Notes Audio Engineering Studio (2x 88S, 1x88R)

John Shanks (Bon Jovi/Van Halen/Keith Urban), 2x 444

Revv Amps Demo Racks (2x 444, 1x 88S-STUDIO)


David Kalmusky, The Blue Loft Studio (444)