Expandable 8×8 Amplifier and Cabinet Switching System

The Ampete 88S switches eight amplifiers into eight speaker cabinets. It is easily operated via the remote 88R
Switch your amplifiers to your cabinets in any combination without any sound degradation, switching noise or hum.
Several 88S, 88S-STUDIO , or 88S-STUDIO-2 can be interconnected to build a system for switching up to 96 amps and cabinets, all controlled by a single remote 88R.
The system is designed for shop display, tradefairs or recording studios.
The 88S features a unique set of safety functions to avoid any damage to your amps.


  • eight amplifiers selectable, eight speaker cabinets selectable (up to 2 at once)
  • NO sound degradation, switching noise, hum noise or latency
  • 100% safety guarantee for your amplifiers: checks for connected or damaged cabinets / only one amp at a time selectable / unused amplifiers are switched to a load resistor
  • buffered and unbuffered inputs
  • when interconnected the guitar input of any switcher can drive any amp
  • Intuitive User Interface that checks and prohibits any mishandling, thus the system can be operated by shop customers without supervisor introduction
  • Dimensions: 19’/2 rack units
  • Made in Germany

Users: Friedman Amplification, Musik-Produktiv, Musik Meisinger, Bax-Shop, Two Notes Audio Engineering, Henning Pauly