Less is a seldom desire.

3 pots and a switch. TWO is the conviction to go without. Don’t switch and play, go without. No effects to the loop, go without. Don’t distract from the basics, give bone to your tone. No show off redundancy TWO acts on the old maxim: reduce to the max!

TWO, it’s about our roots.



  • 20 Watt EL84 valve power amp
  • 2x ECC83 valves
  • Voltume Power Control, dial from 0 – 20W to play bedroom levels next to your sleeping child or marvel at the power from a pair of EL84 for rehearsals or gigs
  • Gain and Tone control
  • 3 way Bone switch, setting 4 different BOost and toNE circuits
  • Boost switchable via front or footswitch (included)
  • Line Out with level trimmer
  • no (!) FX Loop
  • Made in germany






Official Demo Video