Yet brandnew, ONE is a guitar amplifier.

Oh well, you might think, it’s not the first. You’re right and we don’t want to persuade. There comes a time you will be convinced. There comes a time you will know that ONE is easy to understand and complex under the surface. There comes a time you won’t be irritated by its classic look anymore and there comes a time you will know that ONE lets you sweep through 5 decades right into the future of guitar sounds.

That time is not now and even if we don’t know when it is, it has begun.




  • Footswitchable and programmable two mode BOOST, treble and edge
  • Two footswitchable and programmable CHANNELs
  • CHANNEL I featuring american tradition sounds with GAIN, 3 way BRIGHT switch, TONE and
  • CHANNEL I, 3 position SPEED switch offering 3 different Bass responses
  • CHANNEL II featuring british tradition sounds with GAIN, TREBLE, MID, BASS and VOLUME
  • CHANNEL II, HI and LO Gain mode
  • CHANNEL II, 3 position SPEED switch offering you 3 different Bass responses
  • valve buffered, footswitchable and programmable parallel or serial FX-LOOP
  • -10dB, +4dB Setting for both pedals and studio effect processor units
  • FX-LOOP tone and dynamic transparent design without any losses
  • FX-LOOP spillover, which lets delays or reverbs decay naturally when FX is deactivated
  • Two footswitchable and programmable MASTER Volumes
  • Power amp controls PRESENCE and DEEP
  • MIDI controllable, both program change and control change
  • LINE OUT for driving external power amplifiers when running W/D/W systems
  • 6 way Footcontroller with direct access to BOOST I, Boost II, CHANNEL I or II, CH II LO MODE,










Official Demo Video


John Browne Demo Video


Doug Rappoport Demo Video


Ryan “Fluff” Bruce Demo Video