88S-STUDIO-2 + 8FX Bundle







88S-STUDIO-2 + 8FX Bundle

Complete System to switch 8 amplifiers, 8 amplifier FX loops, and 8 cabinets



  • eight amplifiers selectable, eight speaker cabinets selectable (up to 2 at once)
  • illuminated front panel switches
  • NO sound degradation, switching noise, hum noise or latency
  • 100% safety guarantee for your amplifiers: checks for connected or damaged cabinets / only one amp at a time selectable / unused amplifiers are switched to a load resistor
  • Intuitive User Interface that checks and prohibits any mishandling, thus the system can be operated by shop customers without supervisor introduction
  • when interconnected the guitar input of any switcher can drive any amp
  • buffered and unbuffered inputs
  • attenuator loop to insert a power soak for all amps and cabs
  • Dimensions: 19’/2 rack units
  • Made in Germany


  • 8 switchable FX loops enhance an existing 88S or 88S-STUDIO system
  • double RJ45 connector to easily integrate into an 88S or 88S-STUDIO system
  • true bypass relay based switching through the complete signal chain
  • midi program change or control change to switch your entire 88S / 88S-STUDIO system
  • 99 midi pc presets
  • ground lift switch
  • no switching noises
  • no switching latency
  • expandable to easily grow together with your 88S / 88S-STUDIO system
  • Dimensions: 19’/1 rack units
  • Made in Germany

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Weight 10 kg