Frequently asked questions

Online Shop

  • Q: Who can order?
    A: We’re selling and shipping to pretty much everywhere in the world, if your country is not featured at shipping costs calculation please drop us a line before ordering
  • Q: Why is the price higher in the shopping cart?
    A: The shop’s product page shows prices without the european value added tax (VAT). If you are ordering from a country inside the EU 19% VAT are added at checkout
  • Q: From where is my switcher send?
    A: Orders from the US and Canada are sent from our distribution in Los Angeles (NO additional import taxes for US customers!), all other orders are sent from Germany
  • Q: How can I pay?
    A: Please check out Payment Infos
  • Q: Whats the deal with turnover taxes?
    A: Please check out Payment Infos
  • Q: What are the shipping costs?
    A: Have a look here: Shipping Methods
  • Q: What is a B-STOCK?
    A: It’s a fully functional product that has minor optical damages. All B-Stock products are tested, refurbished and updated. All accessories are included.
  • Q: Where can I send a defective product for repair?
    A: We are proud to say that defective switchers are very rare, but customers from the US or Canada can send defective products to Los Angeles, all other repairs are done in Germany. We can also deal with your local repair shop to have the issue fixed for you asap. Simply send an email to

Switcher Series

  • Q: Are my amps really safe?
    A: Yes they are!
  • Q: Really??
    A: Yes!!
  • Q: Do I need to switch my unused amps to standby?
    A: No, unused amps are switched to an internal load resistor so they are save even when not in standy
  • Q: Do I need an additional load resistor to protect my amps when they are not in use?
    A: No, there is an internal load resistor for each amp
  • Q: What happens to my amps when the switcher loses power during play?
    A: The switchers are designed to switch all amps to the internal load resistor by default even when the switcher is turned off or the power cable in unplugged
  • Q: What happens if someone accidentally unplugs one of the cabinets?
    A: All our switchers (except 221) recognize an unplugged or defective cabinet – even if its unplugged on the cabinet side – by measuring the impedance at each slot. In this case the cabinet can not be selected
  • Q: Why is my Class D or Mono-Bridge amp not working with 221 or 222?
    A: Both 221 and 222 only switch the (+) signal of your power amp, and obtain a connection between circuit ground and the (-) signal of the power amp. Unless tube amplifiers or most transistor amplifiers Class D and Mono-Bridge power amps are designed with a “floating” power amp output, which means that the (-) signal must not be connected to circuit ground or earth.

Feature comparison grid

221 222 444 88S 88S-STUDIO
Amps switchable 2 2 4 8 8
Cabs switchable 1 2 4 8 8
FX Loop
Stereo Mode
Safety Functions*
Line Out optional optional
88R compatible
88R required
Class-D compatibility

* cabinet not connected/high impedance? / cab selected before amp (not needed for 221, cabinet is always selected) / only one amp at a time (Y also for 221)