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  • Q: Who can order?
    A: We’re selling and shipping to pretty much everywhere in the world, if your country is not featured at shipping costs calculation please drop us a line before ordering
  • Q: How can I pay?
    A: Please check out Payment Infos
  • Q: Whats the deal with turnover taxes?
    A: Please check out Payment Infos
  • Q: What are the shipping costs?
    A: Have a look here: Shipping Methods
  • Q: What is a B-STOCK?
    A: It’s a fully functional product that has minor optical damages. All B-Stock products are tested, refurbished and updated. All accessories are included.


Switcher Series

  • Q: Are my amps really safe?
    A: Yes they are!
  • Q: Really??
    A: Yes!!
  • Q: Do I need to switch my unused amps to standby?
    A: No, unused amps are switched to an internal load resistor so they are save even when not in standy
  • Q: Do I need an additional load resistor to protect my amps when they are not in use?
    A: No, there is an internal load resistor for each amp
  • Q: What happens to my amps when the switcher loses power during play?
    A: The switchers are designed to switch all amps to the internal load resistor by default even when the switcher is turned off or the power cable in unplugged
  • Q: What happens if someone accidentally unplugs one of the cabinets?
    A: All our switchers (except 221) recognize an unplugged or defective cabinet – even if its unplugged on the cabinet side – by measuring the impedance at each slot. In this case the cabinet can not be selected
  • Q: Why is my Class D or Mono-Bridge amp not working with 221 or 222?
    A: Both 221 and 222 only switch the (+) signal of your power amp, and obtain a connection between circuit ground and the (-) signal of the power amp. Unless tube amplifiers or most transistor amplifiers Class D and Mono-Bridge power amps are designed with a “floating” power amp output, which means that the (-) signal must not be connected to circuit ground or earth.

Feature comparison grid

221 222 444 88S 88S-STUDIO
Amps switchable 2 2 4 8 8
Cabs switchable 1 2 4 8 8
FX Loop
Stereo Mode
Safety Functions*
Line Out optional optional
88R compatible
88R required
Class-D compatibility

* cabinet not connected/high impedance? / cab selected before amp (not needed for 221, cabinet is always selected) / only one amp at a time (Y also for 221)