It has taken some years and tons of repaired and modified electronics to clear the way to our interpretation of modern guitar equipment. Some of these we will launch in the near future – and surely we will let you know – but today we are pleased to present

the Spyder!

The Spyder is the first complete switching solution for the well equipped guitarist and sound enthusiast, who’s not willing to swap his beloved tube amps against one of those soulless simulating digital boxes out there!
Don’t read on if you are looking for a handy all in one amplifier.

The Spyder brings you from Amp heaven to hell by a flip of a (midi)switch.

Can’t decide whether you should take your Greenback, Vintage 30 or Scumback Cab?
Switch it with the Spyder!

Channel switching is for the wimpies?
Use amp switching with the Spyder!

Same FX unit for several amps?
Realize with the Spyder!

Wether you are in the studio, on stage or in your dark dungeon, the Spyder brings you into the next dimension of analogue guitar equipment, it’s just about some ordinary switching.

Further details are to come, but surely pre orders are welcome, soon we will be able to ship yours!’

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