Ampete Engineering Warranty Service

  • FOR AMPETE PRODUCTS ONLY!! Please drop us a line via the contact form. Let us know the model, serial number and fault description


B2B Services:

  • Research and development of professional audio products, analog and digital
  • R&D work from an idea to a prototype or any phase in between
  • SMD, classic, analogue, digital and mechanical solutions (circuit design, PCB layout, firmware programming, 3D CAD, prototyping)
  • Electronic design revisions for existing concepts, particular models or series,
  • serial fault analysis, solutions and technical documentations including reworking progress instructions

Customers: Friedman Amplification, ETI Sound Systems / Boutique Amps Distribution, Wampler Pedals, Bogner Amplification, LOUD Technologies Inc., Manley Labs


Ampete Repair Service

After 12 years we decided to quit the repair service to concentrate on product development. Thanks to everyone who entrusted their amplifier or instrument to us! This is where we came from and what will always leave its mark on how we design products and prioritise customer support.