Most decisions are taken quickly, many of them revised.
Very few take their time but are for ages.

We take our time!

It’s not without a reason that the name Ampete is quite unknown so far although it was established back in 2005. The company could be described as a working bee behind the scenes for many others. Ampete did not only offer service works such as repairs, modifications and tunings of guitar or recording equipment, but also was bounded into R&D of some manufacturers around the world. The specialization in electronic circuit design as well as serial fault analysis and consequential revisions came good to pass when Ampete began to develop own products.

And like every child once set forth to find his own way, Ampete moved a step forward through the curtain to assume his work on stage.

You never know what the future brings but we are confident to bring you some fun with our products from now on.

As said before, we take our time… but we plan to stay.